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How online review management works

We’ve got the tools you need to help you achieve your brand reputation goals.

Contact online review management
Step 1

Enter your customers information

Whether you manually enter customers into the platform one by one, upload a CSV or completely automate upload via our integrations, this simple step is all the work you have to do.

Request online reviews
Step 2

Customers receive
a feedback survey

Your customer will receive an email survey politely asking them to review your business. The customer is taken to your own custom branded feedback portal on 5starRocket.

When the customer leaves feedback, it will appear in your dashboard in real-time. If you don’t get a reply, the customer receives an automatic email reminder the day after.

Customer feedback questions
Step 3

Feedback triggers
intelligent routing

Unhappy customers who rated 3 stars or below, will be asked to provide additional details so you have a second opportunity to make up for their bad experience and show that you care for them.

Additionally, all customers will be able to share their review online in the most popular social platforms you use with one click.

An intuitive and impactful set of
tools for online review management

Review monitoring

We sync with business online review platforms, like Google and Facebook, to alert you immediately of new reviews.

Automatic reminders

Send email reminders to customers that didn’t reply to your initial survey or ask them to share their feedback.

Multi-location support

Add multiple business locations so you can ask for feedback on each location, great for comparing your business locations!

Import & export contacts

From individual user upload to bulk CSV upload, and you can export all your customers in seconds too.

Mobile optimized

Everything we do is optimized for mobile. From our client back-end to our feedback pages and email templates.

What else can we do?
More review management tools

“Our new patient referrals from online reviews have grown to the point where it has actually exceeded the number of word of mouth referrals. If online reviews are even mildly important to your business, then 5starRocket will become a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.”

Ken Erickson, Irvine Spine & Sport Dr. Kenneth D. Erickson Irvine Spine & Sport

“Since we began, we've amassed over 1,900 reviews and we've gotten numerous reviews now from each of our clinics on Facebook, Google+ and CitySearch. I highly recommend obtaining this online review management service as quickly as you can and get those reviews rolling.”

Custom everything

Customize the way you present your brand to users with email template customizations, custom integrations and landing page design options.

Have customization questions? Reach out to support.

Custom review surveys
Custom online review management
Custom landing pages

Your brand is important, and landing pages are where your customers will engage with it. Customize the look and feel of the survey landing page with your logo, colors and background image.

Custom email templates

Use our performance tested email templates along with merge tags to personalize the email content with your contacts information, so they feel secure and confident in sharing feedback with your team.

Custom integrations

Use a Windows desktop-based CRM software? We may be able to help you creating a custom integration to connect your account and send feedback requests on autopilot with no technical chops required.

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