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Our story

5starRocket was initially created by Martín Centurión. The idea naturally flourished when a friend of his, a local business owner, came across a review service and expressed the desire to implement something similar to his business. He pictured a tool that could bring more online reviews and improve loyalty.

That was the initial concept of 5starRocket, and soon the first businesses actively using 5starRocket saw the immediate value of the service and exceptional ROI, which led to the development of a self service review management portal.

With the recent trend by brick and mortar businesses to go online only, we decided to pivot to become the best Shopify product reviews app on the market. We’ve combined years of working on some of the most popular apps in the Shopify ecosystem, we hope you like what we built.

Our team

Martín Centurión

Head of Product

Tom Kincheloe

Head of Growth

We are always looking for top talent to join our team.
Please reach out if you would like to know about job opportunities at 5starRocket.