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What is online review management and how can it impact my business

In this post, we will share why 5starRocket is an alternative to, but, first a little background. One of the great things about the Internet is that it gives people a platform to express their opinion on almost anything. Within minutes, someone’s message can potentially reach millions of people all over the world. If you are a business owner, it’s an easy way for customers to comment on your services or products. Whether they love you or are unsatisfied with your product or service, your clients can post their comments on the web as an online review. Your business’ reviews will typically go directly to your business’s website or social media pages, or to other sites which aggregate online reviews such as Yelp, Facebook or Google.

Today online reviews have become the new word of mouth. Reports show that 91% of 18-34-year-old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The business reviews you receive can either help you succeed, really tarnish your reputation. With so many opportunities for consumers to make their reviews public, it’s hard to know how to handle them as a business owner. This is where online review management comes in. The right review management platform can set you apart from your competitors with a solid online reputation. Now on with the comparison.


What does well is a solid online review management platform. It provides its users with a landing page on the web (which is called a review funnel) where users can direct their customers, clients, or patients to a review site of the user’s choice. does provide some level of customization to the review funnel where the user can choose the color, icons, desired review sites, and upload a custom logo.

Once the review funnel set up is successfully completed, the user is given a QR code, email signature, and widget which they can embed in various strategic locations to prompt customers to provide feedback on their experience with the user’s business. A customer who provides positive feedback is taken to a review site of the user’s choice to post that feedback while unsatisfied customers are diverted to get in touch with the user.

The idea here is simple yet powerful. allows you to generate positive reviews on popular review sites while allowing you to get ahead of negative reviews. It also features real-time review monitoring where users will be notified when there is a new review in order to respond in a timely manner. However, maybe you are looking for an alternative to


What 5starRocket does well

5starRocket does everything that does but is more proactive at getting reviews, more customizable and cost a fraction of the price.

Like, 5starRocket also provides you with a landing page that directs your customers to review sites that matters to you. Your landing page is fully customizable. With 5starRocket you can customize your landing page background, review icons, content, include personalized tags (so that the customer does feel that he/she is reading a pre-canned message), and of course upload your custom logo.

When it comes to requesting feedback from customers, 5starRocket takes a more proactive approach. Using 5starRocket review management platform you can request feedback from your customers by sending a survey request using a secure email. Every email survey sent is verified using DKIM, SPF, and DMARC, meeting the strictest sending policies to ensure secure and reliable delivery.

We also provide a host of powerful features such as Follow-up Reminders to maximize response rates and Survey Throttling to avoid excessive surveying. See the full set of features here.

Customers who have left a positive review would be directed to a review site that matters to your business (Facebook, Google, Yelp or any other platform). Like you will also be notified of any negative reviews left on your landing page giving you the opportunity to resolve any complaints before they can be posting on a review site.

5starRocket also provides you with a widget that you embed in your website as well, giving you complete flexibility.

It is also worth noting that 5starRocket is a fraction of the cost of plans start at $90 per month and come with a 14-day trial. 5starRocket plans start at $29 per month and come with a full 30-day free trial. We are invested in keeping you around a long time by providing you an amazing review management platform at an affordable price. We feel that 5starRocket is an exceptional alternative to

Final Thoughts: 5starRocket is a more complete, feature-rich and affordable solution to online review management which makes it ideal for most small to medium business, including online businesses and SaaS platforms.