Integrations: Google Sheets

5starRocket seamlessly now integrates with Google Sheets. This means you can easily send feedback requests to your customers using our Google Sheets integration. This opens up a world of possibilities in online review management. You now have the ability to share your Google Sheet, which is tethered to 5starRocket, with multiple members of your team. This allows your team to send customer feedback requests without having access to your 5starRocket dashboard. The truth is, it makes it a whole lot easier to gather online reviews.

Why is this a nice addition to our offerings? Because there is no longer a need to login to the dashboard each time you want to send a review request to a customer. Simply drop their information into your Google Sheet row, and that triggers an email being sent. This allows you to easily add people on your team to send emails, manage you list on alternate tabs, etc. etc. Makes life easier and puts you in charge of your online review management needs. You can also easily connect your newly created Google Sheet integration to Zapier and open up a new world of automation 🙂

How to connect/authorize this integration

  1. Login to you 5starRocket dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings >> Integrations
  3. Click the Connect to Google button.
  4. Choose you Google account.
  5. Grant 5starRocket the necessary permissions. This would allow 5starRocket to see, edit, create and delete spreadsheets in you Google Drive. The integration is only set to create the new sheet for sending emails in the form of customer review requests.
  6. Confirm you choice by clicking the Allow button.

You’re all done! You have successfully integrated with Google Sheets. To get started using your Google Sheets integration, click Open file as shown in the video below.



How to use the spreadsheet

Using the spreadsheet is simple. It can be accessed by navigating to Settings >> Integrations >> Open file

You should now have a new Google Sheet workbook labeled 5starRocket synced customers. In that workbook you will notice four (4) columns labelled Email (*), First name (*), Last name and Location. Enter your customer information in the appropriate fields. Keep in mind that Email and First name are required fields.

5starRocket will sync the contacts saved in your Google Sheets to your Contact list on your dashboard on an hourly basis. We will also send a feedback request to the customers you have listed on the Google Sheet provided that they have not received a survey within the time period you specified in the throttling configuration.

If you want to send the notifications right away, you simply Sync the contacts on the same interface that you used to create the “Settings >> Integrations” tab in your 5starRocket dashboard.

Tip: Use the Google Sheets app on your phone for sending feedback requests on the go! Its available for both Android and IOS

You can also share your Google Sheet to multiple members of your team allowing them to save contacts on alternate tabs, then send feedback surveys without needing to share access to your dashboard.




Can I sync manually?

Yes, go to Settings > Integrations, click the “Sync now” button.

Should I remove my previous contacts each time I want to add new ones?

It’s not necessary since before sending a request we check if the contacts received a survey within the time period you specified in the throttling configuration. You would clean your list from time to time in case you want to keep it light.

What happens if I have duplicate contacts?

No worries, we have checking systems in place to ensure we send feedback requests just once.

How to disconnect?

Revoking access will make the integration no longer work. Go to Settings > Integrations and click the “Disconnect” button.

What happens to my spreadsheet?

After disconnecting your Google account your spreadsheet file will not be deleted from your Google Drive.

Can I still use the CSV upload?

Absolutely! You can continue using the feedback request methods available in our web app.

Does it cost more to use the Google integration, or is this a premium feature?

No, we provide this Google integrations to all users on all pricing plans, including the free tier.