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Online review management tools

Our robust online review management features allow you to stay on top of your online reputation with review management tools you can customize to your needs.

Every business has a different approach to online reputation management. Whether you are focused on Google star ratings, Yelp reviews, or Facebook, (or any other platform), we’ve got the tools you need, and the support team to help you achieve your brand reputation goals.

Online review management platform

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Review request
Single or bulk email upload

Manually add one client email at a time or upload your client spreadsheet (CSV). This allows you to collect emails on site in real time with your staff when appropriate, or upload a file where you collect emails of clients.

Multi-location support
Multi-location support

Add multiple business locations so you can ask for feedback on each location. Filter the incoming feedback in your dashboard by location to keep an eye on the performance and customer satisfaction of each location.

Review survey throttle
Feedback throttling

Avoid “over surveying” clients by setting a period of time where they won’t receive any feedback requests. Even if they never choose to post a review to a public platform, the feedback you get on your business has exceptional value.

Social business profile
Review platforms

We encourage you to upload your public pages for Google, Facebook, Yelp and more. When your customers review your business, they are provided the review platform that is most congruent with their online behavior.

Optimized to get more responses

Customer response management
Automatic reminders

Email follow ups are proven to increase response rates, so you have options to send email reminders to customers that didn’t reply to your initial request, or ask customers that sent a positive feedback to share it on social media.

Auto-filled forms

Customers arriving on your landing pages from email surveys will have their form pre-filled with name and email. Thus, only needing to write a review. We make getting feedback easy, fast and efficient for businesses and their clients.

Reply to reviews

Respond to your customers from your 5starRocket account or directly from your email client. Replies are sent directly to your customers’ email.

Mobile optimized

Everything we do is optimized for mobile. From our client back-end to our feedback pages and email templates. Get the best experience, regardless of the device that you are using.

Thank You page

You have total control over the message that your clients receive after they provide reviews. We realize there is no one size fits all model, thus you have flexibility and control over your message and appearance.

Never miss a review that
matters to your business

Reporting recaps

Get a quick summary of feedback, delivered to your inbox weekly or monthly.

Negative alerts

Receive email alerts when customers rate you low so you can follow-up to immediately and resolve any issues the client is experiencing.

Advanced filters

Filter all your reviews by location, time range, rating and/or customer email.

Custom anything

Custom review surveys
Custom landing pages

Your brand is important, and landing pages are where your customers will engage with it. Customize the look and feel of the customer feedback survey page with your logo, colors and background image.

Custom email templates

Use our performance tested email templates and personalize the email content with your contacts' information, so they feel secure and confident in sharing feedback with your team.

Custom integrations

Do you use a Windows desktop-based CRM software? We may be able to help you creating a custom integration so you can connect it with your 5starRocket account and send feedback requests on autopilot.

Dedicated to keep customer
data safe and secure

Fully authenticated delivery

Every email survey we send is verified using DKIM, SPF and DMARC, meeting the strictest sending policies to ensure secure and reliable delivery.

Top notch security

We use the highest encryption standards, and have quality processes in place to ensure that you and your clients information is never compromised.