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Retail review management

Whether you have one or twenty one physical store locations, or even a strictly an eCommerce online retailer, we have the online review management platform to suit your needs.

Our robust review management features allow retail clients to actively stay on top of their social review platforms.

Get updates when you have new reviews, engage with clients to learn where you can improve your business via feedback forms. No technical skills are required, as our intuitive back end allows for easy use, and our support team is superb.

Sporting goods, home furnishings, gift shops, and many more retailers take advantage of our online review management tools to grow their businesses.

Retail Online Review Management

Restaurant review management

Online reviews are arguably one of the biggest influencers for patrons considering a trip to a restaurant. When you don’t have a referral from a friend, or want to see what users are saying about a location, Google and Facebook reviews (amongst others), can have a dramatic impact on whether or not you have new customers engaging with your eatery.

Your online reputation is a massive opportunity to respond and react to business reviews that customers leave for your restaurant. We enable restaurant review management in a proactive manner with our review management tools.

Restaurant Online Review Management


Home Services review management

We’ve seen it many times. You need someone in the Home Services sector, it can often be an immediate need. From fixing your HVAC unit, to a plumbing leak, or even a roof repair.

Our review management tools work for Home Services clients to ensure that they are aware of, and empowered to react to, any and all feedback that is posted online about their business.

Home Services clients can use our reputation management platform to gain a deeper understanding of how your teams are performing out in the field, with follow up surveys where customers can provide feedback on their experience.

Thus allowing you to know exactly how your team is performing, and to head off any negative feedback before it hits review websites.

Home Services Online Review Management

Beauty & Fitness review management

Referrals are a highly influential method of driving business to your Fitness or Beauty based business. That said, there are also eyes on every single post about your business online these days.

Whether your Crossfit gym is crushing it, or being crushed online, you have the opportunity to regain control of your online reputations with our easy to use management tools.

One bad review not handled properly, or 10 good reviews not optimized are opportunities left unrealized. Our online review management platform will provide you the tools you need to help your Day Spa, or any beauty and fitness based business, succeed in an ever competitive landscape.

Beauty and Fitness Review Management


Activities & Events review management

Own an events based, or activities focused business? Then you know how important referrals are, and the power of the online review. From winery and breweries, so to Sky diving and fishing charters, when you are a destination based business, you can rest assured that your clients are doing their online research.

Do online reviews matter? You bet they do, and when you are one of several options for customers hard earned money, you need to stand out. Online reviews allow you to engage with customers, and show potential customers just how engaged you are in their experience.

Activities and Events Review Management

Health review management

Have a health based business? Then you realize the power of the word of mouth. It is why you get referral customers, but it is also why you might not get other customers. Specifically, online reviews.

Your online reputation is based on reviews that customers leave, and how you respond to them. Take advantage of all those email addresses you collect from your practice, gain feedback from surveys, and improve your online reputation with the power of reviews.

Get crucial feedback on how clients view your team and the services you provide. Then use that feedback to improve staff training, and to grow your online review presence.

Health Review Management


Automotive review management

You've no doubt been in plenty of situations when you needed immediate automotive assistance. Whether that is checking a dashboard light, or troubleshooting a sound you hear coming from your motor.

Search results on your cell phone will return plenty of options, but the reviews are what will seal the deal. New to the area? You are going to rely heavily on online reviews to make your decisions. From purchasing a new car to having work done on your automobile. Online reviews matter.

If you own an automotive based business, you need a simple review management solution, without needing a college degree in computer science. 5starRocket is a simple solution for automotive based businesses, where you can easily seek customer feedback, respond to reviews, and take control of your online reputation.

All you have to do is add your customers names and email addresses, and we take care of the rest.

Automotive Review Management

Nightlife review management

Make your after hours club, bar or dance establishment stand out from the competition, by having an engaged presence in your online review management efforts.

You don’t need to be a computer wizard to take control of your online reputation, all you need is a good system in place to gather emails from your users and harvest feedback.

That feedback from your patrons, is used to better your service, and improve your brand in the eyes of your customers.

Then get more online reviews, because you have a vehicle in 5starRocket that will make it easy for you to grow your online reviews, and manage your online reputation.

Nightlife Review Management


Hotel and Travel Review Management

Travel is just that, taking a journey either regionally or abroad. It’s fair that review management is especially important in the travel industry. After all, you probably don’t have a referral for a hotel in rural Texas, or for luxury accomodations in the Seattle area.

Where do users go? The Internet, and your online reputation has a ton to do with whether you get the booking or not. Online reviews matter, and so does the feedback they contain in regards to improvements you can make, and finding out what you do really well.

Whether you own a small Bed and Breakfast, a dude ranch or an exclusive hotel in the city. You need to pay attention to your online reputation, and 5starRocket can be a helpful tool in your marketing strategy.

Travel Review Management

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