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Fashion and Design product reviews

Fashion and Design

Whether you sell clothing, handbags or designer sunglasses, we have the product review tools to empower you to harvest feedback and promote your products (in your customers words), to the masses!

Get updates when you have new reviews, engage with shoppers to learn where you can improve your store via feedback forms.

No technical skills are required, as our intuitive back end allows for easy use, and our support team is superb.

Home Furnishings product reviews

Home Furnishings

Ever try to buy a sofa online without ever sitting on it? You rarely buy it from the picture and the description, you buy it because the words you read from the customers that have purchased it before you.

This is the power of product reviews, if you aren’t letting future customers read through the eyes of past shoppers, then you are missing a HUGE opportunity.

One bad review not handled properly, or 10 good reviews not optimized are opportunities left unrealized. Our Shopify product reviews platform will provide you the tools you need to help your home furnishings store succeed in an ever competitive landscape.