Personal referrals may still be the best bet for finding an accountant, but the entire process of requesting referrals from friends has moved to online reviews and referrals. People no longer bother with this kind of chat at a dinner party or on the sidelines at the soccer field. They know that, at any given time, they will have much better luck getting referrals if they make a post on Facebook asking friends if they have an accountant to recommend.

Take that one step further. The digital world has made us pickier. There are so many options at our fingertips, surely we can find the perfect accountant if we do our research. What happens when someone has tapped out their network and still hasn’t found the perfect match? They hit the web and start digging through online reviews. Online reviews are the next best thing to referrals from people they know personally. It’s time to expand how you, as an accountant, approach generating referrals. 5starRocket makes politely asking satisfied clients to write a review easy. Those online reviews are in high demand, and can dramatically impact your online reputation.

Reviews capture the important details that make you a stand-out accountant in a very unique way. No website or diploma can tell quite the same story with the same objectivity. The stories conveyed through individual reviews make a huge impact on individuals and small businesses looking for an accountant they can trust. Some people need bookkeepers, some need tax specialists, some don’t know exactly what they need. Your online reviews, and ultimately online reputation, will help them figure it out.

Are you the accountant that is proactive about saving your clients money? That will become glaringly obvious in written reviews from happy clients. Are you the accountant that can make anyone’s tax situation seem straightforward? People want to know that you explain things clearly and patiently. Do you put your clients mind at ease almost instantly with your interpersonal skills? Maybe that is the most important attribute of an accountant to some people. Give them plenty of information to sort through via solid and informative online reviews.

More than likely, there is already an online conversation starring you, the accountant. Take control of that conversation to make sure you are presented fairly and accurately. With an extensive approach to online review management, you have the power to grow your business as an accountant.

5starRocket is the tool to help you actively manage reviews and your online reputation. The central dashboard displays all of your online reviews in one place. This makes it easy to correspond with reviewers, no matter where they are posting reviews. You can upload client emails to 5starRocket individually, which will help you send a review request at the end of your next meeting with a client, without much hassle. See a complete description of our online review features.