Beauty & Fitness

In beauty and fitness, things aren’t always exactly what they seem. At the heart of every visit to the hair salon, the spa, or the gym, lies a completely different goal. To feel better. Specifically, to shed stress and gain confidence. Sure, the act of getting exercise or a haircut itself can make people feel better, but is that really what gets people coming back again and again? Nope. Self-care routines are nuanced. Yes, people need haircuts. What they need even more is to unplug, connect with other people, feel valued as an individual, and see the best versions of themselves in the mirror. When that happens, they start telling their friends.

Leverage every single happy customer by making sure they write a review. Happy customers paint a beautiful picture of their time with you, with details readers care about. Their personal impressions matter to future customers just as much, perhaps more so, that your spa menu or fitness class schedule. No wait times, a peaceful ambiance, talented trainers, and service people that are never rushed. These are the pieces that come together to create an experience people will brag about. Help them sing your praises.

Rounding up reviews to get them published far and wide is part of a comprehensive reputation management strategy. To get the reviews you need, you have to ask for them, and you have to make it easy. 5starRocket does exactly that. If you play an active part in getting your customers to tell their stories, you have the power to make their experience engage new customers.

5starRocket is a review management tool that helps you collect and respond to reviews. It asks customers, in a streamlined way, to post a review. Our system prevents your request from becoming a burden. It then lets you see and respond to all reviews, no matter where they are posted, from a central dashboard.

5starRocket helps you get people talking about your business and makes sure you don’t miss out on the conversation. You can upload contact emails one at a time or in bulk, and set up special alerts for negative reviews. You can also fully customize your review request and thank you page with your own logo, colors, and background image. See our complete list of features here.