Banks & Credit Unions

Two thirds of Americans prefer to do their banking either online or mobile. Offering digital banking services is one thing, reliably delivering them is another. Let your potential customers know that you put your money where your mouth is when it comes to fast, easy-to-use, accurate, and secure online banking. And when there is a glitch? You’ve got competent people a phone call away ready to help. Marketing can only deliver this message so far, let consumer reviews drive it home.

Objective online reviews can highlight the difference between two financial institutions that otherwise seem almost identical. You can say where your branches are and what digital services you offer on your website, but you can’t convey customer satisfaction without reviews. Reviews from real customers about their user experience with your digital banking tools and staff are imperative to growing a positive online reputation.

Review management is a low-cost way to differentiate in a saturated market. Not every bank has delved into active online reputation management. Get out in front of the pack with 5starRocket. When people set out to find a new financial institution, they will often end up at sites like NerdWallet, MyBankTracker, and Credit Karma in addition to Google and Facebook. Your visibility and rating on these sites is influenced by your reviews, making reviews highly influential on the consumer’s final choice. Have an independent bank or credit union? It should matter to you as well.

Javelin Strategy and Research surveyed customers about what matters most to them in online banking. The results were Ease of Use (28%), Security Empowerment (20%), Money Movement (17%), Financial Fitness (17%), Customer Service (12%), and Account Opening (6%). How do people figure out if it is easy to use without actually trying it themselves? They read reviews. Ease of Use is almost entirely dependent on the experiences of real people trying to use the services. Do you have customers that love your budgeting tools? Get them to rave about it in an online review. Do you offer intuitive functionality? Let users explain it in their own words. Reviews will seal the deal in getting new accounts opened and solidifying your online reputation.

5starRocket makes online reputation management easy, efficient, and lucrative. Our system helps you get people talking, in a tidy and effective way. Customization review features ensure that all correspondence with customers is on-brand. The central dashboard displays all of your online reviews in one place. This makes it easy to communicate with reviewers, no matter where they are posting reviews. See a rundown of plans and pricing to fit your needs.