Health & Wellness

Health and wellness services usually involve intimate encounters between a client and a provider. A strong, personal connection to the individual providing the service makes the whole experience more pleasant. Wellness service providers, from dentists to massage therapists, need to put people at ease in awkward or physically uncomfortable situations. Bonus points if they are charming, or funny, or simply easy to be around.

They need to allay hidden (or not so hidden) fears, and inspire better personal habits at home, all while performing the actual tasks at hand. These are soft skills, not line items on a resume. Everyone in this business may think they have them, but do they really? Only prior clients can say for sure, and online reviews are the easiest way for them to say it.

Online reviews describe, oftentimes play by play, how individuals felt when they were in your office. Reviews capture the oh, so important intangibles. These stories from other people make a huge impact on prospective customers. Their personal impressions matter to future customers just as much, perhaps more so, than any certificate or diploma hanging on your wall.

Are you the dentist that exudes inner calm when you get a patient who hasn’t been to the dentist in a decade out of sheer anxiety? Your patients will feel that and happily share the news with others if given the opportunity. Are you the chiropractor that finally got their patient sleeping through the night again when painkillers and physical therapy had failed them? Yep. Your now well-rested client will talk about that experience with much more clarity than you can. Let them.

It doesn’t matter what your specific strengths are, it matters that you get people talking about them. Different people prioritize different character traits in their providers. People need to find their perfect match, especially if they are looking for a long-term relationship. Providing potential clients with plenty of reviews to read helps them make the right choice in choosing a provider.

5starRocket is a simple tool to help you collect and react to reviews. It enables you to efficiently and actively manage your online reputation. With a comprehensive approach to review management, you have the power to shape your online persona.

5starRocket has a full set of features to keep review management simple. Our software provides you with a central dashboard to display all of your online reviews in one place. This makes it easy to correspond with reviewers, no matter where they are posting reviews. Our system helps you get people talking, in a systematic way, with features to ensure you avoid over surveying clients and make the review request easy to fill out. Stay true to your branding, with customizable review request and thank you pages. See a complete description of features here.