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Headache clients. You know the ones. They want a project done as fast as possible, with no surprises and excellent quality, for the lowest bid. People looking for a skilled tradesman, like a plumber or a general contractor, need to be reeducated on the nature of home maintenance and renovation projects. The simple fact is that these projects are a service, not a product. The cost isn’t just about materials and hours on the job. There is so much more that goes into completing these projects than meets the eye. If you want to avoid nightmare clients, educate them. Help them understand that if they want the complete package, they need to pay for it.

Detailed reviews of your projects, written by happy clients, can deliver lessons that pack a punch. An educated client is much more likely to become a happy client. Learning about the details of previous projects can help people develop realistic expectations and stop looking for the lowest bid. The realities of budget and timeline changes, your communication style, workmanship, and work habits are all factors that come together to create the complete package. They are best described in real life scenarios, by people that have experienced them directly. 5starRocket can help you find these reviews. Also, reviews drive more customers to your business, so generating more leads means getting to select the jobs that are more profitable for your business.

You don’t have time to properly explain these details in every single bid you make. Let your previous clients do it for you! They will be all too happy to share what they learned during their project, and show off their new kitchen or bathroom while they’re at it.

Collecting reviews is part of a comprehensive reputation management strategy. Satisfied customers don’t always take the time to write a review. 5starRocket helps you get the reviews you need, and respond to the ones you get. If you play an active part in getting your clients to share their stories, you have the power to create the ideal new client.

5starRocket prevents your request from becoming a burden. We let you see and respond to your reviews, no matter where they are posted, from a central dashboard. Get people talking about your business and make sure you don’t miss out on the conversation. You can upload contact emails one at a time or in bulk, and set up special alerts for negative reviews. See our complete list of features here.