Home, health, life, auto, jewelry, travel insurance. Does it ever end? Let’s face it, most people wish they didn’t have to pay for insurance. Given that they do, shopping for it is sometimes less than pleasant. People feel like they are walking into a minefield of fine print exclusions. They have no idea what the claims process will actually look like. Judgemental claims inspectors and endless telephone tag? Inquiring minds certainly want to know. Let people hear the truth about filing a claim with your insurance company from the mouths of real customers, with online reviews.

Sometimes the expediency of insurance payouts is downright surprising. When people are pleasantly surprised, they become loyal customers and inadvertent brand ambassadors. They will tell that story over and over again in their daily lives. All you need to do is help them get that story in front of a broader audience. Request reviews, and have them submitted to the online platforms that matter most to your potential customers with 5starRocket.

A JD Power US Insurance Shopping Study concluded that insurance shoppers are so price sensitive that the ability for insurance companies to compete on price is extremely limited. It stands to reason that insurance online reviews and reputation can sway a decision significantly. Potential clients start shopping online, often before moving on to a final purchase with an agent. Your opportunity to influence their choice is biggest in that initial phase of online comparisons. Do you have outstanding agents willing to offer personalized advice on which policy to choose? Has your coverage made the seemingly impossible possible for someone suffering devastating loss? Let your satisfied customers deliver the message with genuine, powerful anecdotes.

Actively soliciting reviews using 5starRocket will help your insurance company flourish. Content customers don’t always take the time to write a review. You will also learn a ton about your business from the negative feedback they send you. The great part about 5startRocket is that you don’t have to wait until the customer posts their thoughts before you can see it. It will come to you in an email, and you can mitigate the situation before it ever hits online review sites. 5starRocket will nudge them to post positive reviews, so you get the online reviews you need. Our approach prevents your request from becoming a burden. It makes you aware of all online reviews no matter where they are posted. Get people discussing their experiences with your insurance company online, and make sure you take part in the conversation. You can upload contact emails one at a time or in bulk, and set up special alerts for negative reviews. See our complete list of online review features here.