Bedside manner for lawyers. It’s a thing. It’s even been written about in Litigation, a journal published by the American Bar Association. It is the ability to connect with another human being in a personal, unique way through excellent communication skills. The relationship you nurture with your client can keep them from feeling like you didn’t care, or try hard enough, when they are faced with a bad legal outcome. You cannot always control the legal outcome, despite your best efforts, but you are in charge of how you treat your clients.

Excellent client communication can boost your online reputation and leverage how likely someone is to recommend your services, especially when you take on the tough cases. It is a huge component of what people look for in an attorney. How do you let potential clients know about your firm’s brand as empathic advocates, yet aggressive allies? Story after story from previous clients, in other words, online reviews for your law practice.

Online reviews convert potential clients searching for an attorney. iLawyermarketing’s study to uncover how people hire lawyers revealed that the large majority of those surveyed consider third party reviews an important factor in the hiring process. Some outliers even said they won’t hire a lawyer without third party reviews. The study also showed that individuals know how to put reviews into perspective relative to their specific needs; 92% of those surveyed said they would still hire a lawyer that had “mostly positive” reviews with a few negative online reviews.

Leverage your hard-won client relationships by making sure your previous clients write a review. Those online reviews could make all the difference for someone deciding between law firms. Real clients paint the picture of their experience with you from a perspective that grabs the attention of people in the market for an attorney. Impressions on previous clients matter to potential clients just as much, perhaps more so, than where you went to law school. A sympathetic ear, a creative approach to problem solving, a persuasive nature, strong negotiating skills, and the ability to read a room. These are traits that constitute a lawyer, and are extremely telling, even in difficult circumstances. Request they do so publicly with 5starRocket.

As part of a comprehensive approach to reputation management, 5starRocket will help you round up reviews and get them published. It’s a simple tool that gives you a direct hand in managing your online reputation. 5starRocket has a host of online review features that make review management pretty straightforward. Keep track of all your reviews on the 5starRocket dashboard, and receive negative review alerts to make sure you can respond to a negative review as soon as possible.