What do the American Revolution and New York’s 1969 Stonewall Riots have in common? They both came to life inside a barroom. Even today, all kinds of unofficial business goes down in bars, from accelerating personal relationships to cementing professional ones. Different bars are ideal for different kinds of social buzz, depending on the crowd level, the service, the drinks, and the typical clientele. People rely heavily on online reviews to help them pick the right spot for any given occasion.

Online reviews provide something that you can’t: objectivity. For this reason, they hold significant sway over the choices people make. People want to hear the ins and outs of how long it takes to get a drink, the state of the bathroom, and what the crowd is like. The more reviews you can get out there, the better. People are more likely to suggest your place for an outing if they feel like they know what they are walking into, and reading lots of reviews gives them that confidence. People will go out of their way to find just the right place for a first date or a drink with the boss. When the stakes are high, reading reviews is a must! It’s your responsibility to get reviews out there for people to see.

5starRocket is the only tool you need to develop a comprehensive approach to review management. It’s a simple tool that does a big job. It will help you amass a respectable stockpile of online reviews and thereby give you command of forging your online reputation. You take charge of gathering online reviews from customers, and responding to them, with 5starRocket.

5starRocket has a complete line of features to make it an intuitive and robust review management software. It enables you to solicit reviews from all of your customers in a simple, but highly organized manner, working from a central dashboard to let you see every review in one place. This makes it easy to strategically respond to reviews, no matter where they are posted.

Say you collect a large number of customer emails through a raffle or giveaway. You can easily bulk upload those email addresses into the 5starRocket system to start making review requests right away. Add testimonials directly to your website with our widget that displays the reviews you collect. Customize the landing pages of your request and thank-you pages with your own logo, colors, and background image to stay in tune with your vibe. See a complete description of features here.