Real Estate

Anyone that has ever purchased a home before knows that, like it or not, their real estate agent is their new best friend until closing day. The sheer number of emails, texts, and phone calls that pass between a buyer and their agent in a day can be astounding. A deep familiarity develops in very little time between client and agent. The complex dynamics of a family, or the lifestyle of an individual, dictate what makes a house “perfect.” Agents needs to understand those details for every single client in order to find them the perfect home.

Buyers searching for an agent can draw some conclusions from listing and sales records, but what they really want to understand is the work ethic and style of the agent. For most buyers, the house buying process can be stressful and all consuming. Does this agent listen well and respond quickly? Do they have a complete understanding of the local market? Previous home buyers that have worked with you before can answer those questions and more. Online real estate reviews are the most effective way for them to do so. It’s word of mouth, with a megaphone.

Reviews capture the intangible qualities that make you an all-star real estate agent. They are detailed and anecdotal, which makes them easier to digest than marketing materials or a resume. The stories conveyed through individual online reviews make a huge impact on buyers and sellers looking for a real estate agent they can trust.

Are you the agent with a knack for hard-nosed negotiating? The clients who value that would love to tell everyone about the deal they got on that new house. Are you the agent that tirelessly hosts open-houses every single weekend? Sellers will brag about your endurance in a way that you never could. Get people talking about what makes you stand out as a real estate agent. Different people prioritize different strengths in their agents. Your online reviews will help the clients that need your specific skill-set find you.

5starRocket provides a clean way to actively manage reviews and your online reputation. With an extensive approach to review management, you have the power to influence your ranking among the vast number of working real estate agents in most markets. 5starRocket has a full set of features to make review management a cinch. Our software provides you with a central dashboard to display all of your online reviews in one place. This makes it easy to correspond with reviewers, no matter where they are posting reviews. Our system helps you get people talking, in an orderly way, with review features to ensure you make the review experience painless.