When shoppers are on a mission, a salesperson that can quickly point them in the right direction can be a lifesaver. Most people want to be left alone in a store, until, somewhat unpredictably, they don’t. At that point, they want someone who understands exactly what they need, and where to find it, without a lot of fuss. That sweet spot, somewhere between overbearing and clueless, is where true sales talent lies. Sales talent leads to an exceptional shopping experience, which becomes competitive edge.

If you can let enough people know that your store is where all the talent is hiding, that competitive edge widens significantly. Get the word out with reviews, reviews, and more reviews. Reviews help you differentiate, making the details of your store stand out from all the rest. They make your store come to life, in full color, with the words of your happy shoppers. Reviews are the absolute best way to demonstrate what the optimal shopping experience, in all its various forms, can look like.

It’s not easy to create the ideal shopping experience for your customers, so when you nail it, you’ve got to leverage that as much as possible. A comprehensive approach to review management, anchored by 5starRocket, is the easiest way to do that.

Do your salespeople stay on top of the latest home decor trends? Your customers will notice and happily share the news with others if given the opportunity. Do you have master gardeners ready and waiting to get newbies going with their fail-safe home garden? Satisfied customers speak with great clarity. Let them.

5starRocket is a reputation management tool that helps you collect and respond to reviews. It asks customers to post a review, in an organized and efficient way, to prevent your request from feeling like a burden. It then lets you see and respond to all reviews, no matter where they are posted, from a central dashboard. You can set up special alerts for negative reviews. It has been proven that interacting with reviewers, whether they leave a good or bad review, increases your overall rating.

You can also fully customize your review request and thank you page with your own logo, colors, and background image. See our complete list of features here.