Travel Reviews

What do people care about when they stay in a hotel? It comes down to clean rooms, comfortable beds, and excellent service. The rest is gravy. Granted, sometimes the gravy is mighty enticing and can differentiate, but only if you don’t fail on the basics. When you advertise your hotel, you publish photos of guest rooms from every angle, and perhaps name the exact brand of mattress, and list the extensive suite of services your staff can provide. People know you put your absolute best food forward on your website though. So how, exactly, do you convince potential guests that your hotel does, in fact, have these attributes in real life on a consistent basis? Through travel reviews.

Let your biggest fans do the talking. Travel reviews are extremely convincing. Online reviews are where all the little details that you offer come to life, through the eyes of your satisfied customers. Your prior guests will write detailed reviews of their stay, sometimes unsolicited, but usually only if you ask. So get out there and ask them! You will learn valuable information for improving your business, and convince people that you do actually offer what you say you do.

5starRocket is an easy-to-use review management software that assists you in asking for reviews. It gives you the means to ask your previous guests, in an organized and efficient way, to share the details of their stay for all to hear. The review management tools dashboard lets you see all the reviews of your travel business, no matter where they are posted, and makes it easy to respond to each individual review. Using 5starRocket ultimately gives you more control over your online reputation. After all, reviews do matter.

With a comprehensive approach to review management, you have the power to put your positive, and surprisingly even your negative, travel reviews to good use. Studies have shown that responses to negative reviews improve overall ratings and the number of total reviews present. 5starRocket will alert you to all negative reviews so you can respond quickly.

We offer a complete set of review management features, from pre-filled forms to automatic reminders, to ensure that you find the travel reviews you need, without being annoying. Additionally, keep in line with your branding using fully customizable request and thank-you pages. We have a free trial and no credit card required, so get in control of your online review destiny.