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It doesn’t matter if you send 20 emails a month or 200,000, we have a simple pricing plan to suit your business. 5starRocket will empower your team with feedback, and ultimately more great product reviews.

Frequently asked questions

How will I be charged?

Billing for 5starRocket will show up on your monthly invoice from Shopify. No separate billing here, easy as pie!

What about customer service, can I talk to someone?

We have a comprehensive support center and typically your questions can be answered through email correspondence. On occasions where phone support is needed, we will share our booking calendar for the opportunity to schedule a call.

What happens if I have queued more emails than the plan I am currently paying for?

Great question. Those emails will be paused until your monthly queue resets. Meaning, they will be sent when your monthly plan renews. If you want to send them now, then simply login and upgrade your account to a higher plan today.

Do you offer annual payments?

Shopify is allowing this in the future and we will be incorporating this option. Please stay tuned.

Can I change my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade to a larger plan with higher volume, or you can lower your plan too. You can cancel at anytime so feel free to use the plan that makes the most sense for your store in the moment.

What about security, how do you all handle that?

Good question. We have an entire Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that you can review. If those are not clear in any way, please contact us anytime.