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It doesn’t matter if you send 20 emails a month or 200,000, we have a simple pricing plan to suit your business. From single to multi-location businesses, 5starRocket will empower your team with feedback, and ultimately more great reviews with a better online reputation.

Frequently asked questions

How will I be charged?

We accept payments by credit card. Also, annual payments can be made via ACH bank deposit for US based accounts. We are looking to provide more payment options in the future.

What about customer service, can I talk to someone?

We have a comprehensive support center and typically your questions can be answered through email correspondence. On occasions where phone support is needed, we will share our booking calendar for the opportunity to schedule a call.

Can I install 5starRocket locally?

Generally speaking, we do not allow installs on your local environment. However, if you have a Windows desktop-based CRM software, we may be able to help you create a custom integration so you can connect it with your 5starRocket account and send feedback requests on autopilot.

What review platforms do you integrate with?

We integrate with the top review platforms, and are adding more each month based on customer feedback. Currently we have integrations with Google, Facebook, Zillow, Angie’s List, Glassdoor, Capterra, OpenTable, BBB, and many more.

Do you offer annual payments?

Yes, you can save ~15% if you chose to pay for an entire year of 5starRocket up front.

Can I change my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade to a larger plan with higher volume, or you can lower your plan too. You can add another location, you can cancel, you get the picture. Use the plan that best suits your business, and change any time, no obligations.

What happens if I have queued more emails than the plan I am currently paying for?

Great question. Those emails will be paused until your monthly queue resets. Meaning, they will be sent when your monthly plan renews. If you want to send them now, then simply login and upgrade your account to a higher plan today.

What about security, how do you all handle that?

Good question. We have an entire Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that you can review. If those are not clear in any way, please contact us anytime.