Account Tab

(Settings → Account)

From here you can change your basic account information such as your Page name, Company name, First and Last names and Email. You can also have the ability to change your account password in this area as well.

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This is the URL to your landing page that your customer would be directed to. Changing this URL is as simple as editing the text in the Pagename field. Keep in mind that you can’t include special characters other than dashes (-) (no spaces) and any uppercase characters you enter will automatically change to lowercase.


This is where you would enter your company’s name. Be sure to enter your company’s name correctly as all emails sent through 5starRocket would be from your company. Remember that customers are more likely to open an email it they are familiar with the sender.

First name, Last name and Email

This is the name and email used for registration purposes. This information would not be displayed to your customers.

Changing you password

In this area you can update you password by simply entering you current password in the current password field and entering you new password in the respective fields.

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