Join Shopify Partners or Big Commerce

If your product can support e-commerce stores, you will want to be listed in the app stores for Shopify and Big Commerce. Your listing in the Shopify app store displays reviews and your average star rating, making it easy for potential customers to learn about your product from Shopify store owners that have used your product. These reviews contribute significantly to your overall online reputation. Time to join the Shopify partners program. Same is true with Big Commerce.

Once you join the Shopify Partners program, you’ll need to effectively manage your online reputation, we literally built 5starRocket for help Shopify developers get more feedback and reviews with the most powerful online review management tool out there.

How do I find my product in the Shopify app store?

You need to have a Shopify Partner Account to get your app listed in the Shopify app store. You can learn more about the Shopify partner program here. At that point, you would then be able to manage the landing page for your app within the store.

How do I find my product in BigCommerce app store?

Similarly, to list your app in the BigCommerce app store, you must apply to the Technology Partner Program. You can learn more about the partner program here. Once you are approved, you can provide the information that will be displayed on your landing page within the app store.

How do Users Leave Reviews?

Both Shopify and BigCommerce have a large App marketplace where store owners can purchase tools to use within their online stores.

For example, a hand-crafted jewelry maker can build a website using Shopify to showcase and sell the jewelry she makes. At some point, the jewelry maker may decide that she needs a way to capture interest for out of stock items in exchange for an email address. She can go to the Shopify app store and find an app that provides Back In Stock Notifications for Shopify. From there, she can easily install and use it on her jewelry store website with a click or 2.

Later, if she would like to leave a review on how that particular Shopify App worked, she simply goes back to the app store, finds the app she used, and clicks on the Leave a Review button. This will prompt her to login to her store (if she isn’t already logged in) and then she can leave the review. Or, with our review platform, you can easily send all your customers an email requesting feedback. Its that simple.