Emails Tab

(Settings → Emails)


This area allows you to control when and how often we email your customers and also give you the ability to customize the subject field of the emails, giving them that personal touch.


Scheduling your emails


Survey throttling: This is a powerful tool to prevent over-surveying. Before a survey is sent, 5StarRocket will check if they have not already received a request from you within the time period you specify.

Send follow-ups check box: Once checked, 5StarRocket will send a friendly reminder 24 hours after your first email to customers that have not sent their feedback yet.

Ask to share check box: Sends an additional email 24 hours later to customers that gave you a positive feedback asking them to share it on your social media profiles.

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Custom subject lines

You can personalize the subject line of your Feedback request, Follow-up and Share request emails by using the merge tags; [first_name] [last_name] [company].


[first_name], how did we do today? (please rate our services)

A customer would be more inclined to open and respond to an email that is addressed to him/her rather than pre-canned email.

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