Once your reviews start rolling in, you will be able to access them in your feedback tab. The feedback screen is divided into  3 sections: Overview, Reviews, and Filters.

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This section shows 3 key pieces of information, your Overall Rating, Total Ratings, and Rating Breakdown.

Overall Rating: is a running average of your total ratings. Your Overall Rating updates in real time as your reviews keep rolling in.

Total Ratings: is the total number of ratings you have received through 5StarRocket.

Rating breakdown: As the name implies Rating breakdown gives a breakdown of the ratings received. In here you can see the total number of reviews sorted by ratings e.g the total number of 5-star reviews, 4-star reviews, etc.


The Reviews section shows actual reviews. Each review consists of the reviewer’s name, rating, feedback, and date collected.


As your reviews keep coming in, they would appear in reverse chronological order in the reviews section. Meaning your last review would appear on top. However, you may want to sort through your reviews, perhaps looking at the feedback from all your 3-star reviews or reviews from the previous week or reviews isolate reviews from a particular branch (location). The Filters section allows you to easily sort through your reviews.

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