Angies List Membership

Angie’s List is a well-known directory of home and health service providers, where providers receive an overall grade (A-F) based on reviews. It’s a matchmaker site, requiring answers to a set of targeted questions about the project/problem before displaying search results in most cases. The grade reflects completed work, rather than first impressions, by heavily weighting reviews based on completed work in the calculation of the grade. Providers pay for prominent display in search results, as long as they meet minimum certification requirements, but do not pay on a per lead or contact basis.

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From the Angie’s List homepage, click Business Owners in the upper right-hand corner.

Angies List Membership

This will take you to the Angie’s List Business Center, where you can register your business with Angie’s List. Click the white Get Started button to begin registration. You will first create an account with personal login information, and second enter business information that will be publicly available on Angie’s List. This process is free.

Write a Review on Angie’s List

Customers need an Angie’s List account to write reviews on Angie’s List. Although this used to be a paid subscription, membership is now free. Once they are signed into their account, they will be on the member homepage. There are two ways to start writing a review. Reviewers can either click on the Add Review button or the head silhouette in the upper right-hand corner of this page. The head silhouette will reveal a drop-down menu. Reviewers will choose My Reviews, and then search for your business by name in the search box. When they find your business, they will be directed to begin writing their review.

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