Google review link and Getting listed

Google reviews have maximum visibility and ease of use. Your Google rating appears directly under your business name within Google maps and Google search, and within the Google Knowledge Panel (GNP) of your business as the result of a branded search. In other words: everywhere! The total number of Google reviews and your average rating indirectly influence the ranking of your listing via click-through rates. Google review link can be accessed with the click of a button on your GNP.

Your business profile on Google is managed via Google My Business. You can create your Google business profile for free by going to the main Google My Business page. From here, you click on the green Manage Now button. This will walk you through the process of creating your Google listing and verifying your business. Creating the listing only takes a few minutes.

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google online review management

However, you will not be able to utilize the Google My Business dashboard (change listing information, interact with reviewers, make a post, study google insights, etc.) until your business is verified. When you are creating your profile, the last step will be starting verification. You choose how you want to verify (usually by mail) and wait for the postcard from google to arrive (usually 5 days). The postcard will provide a verification code that you use to complete verification from your Google My Business dashboard.

If you previously created and/or claimed your business profile but now need to verify the listing, this page on google help provides specific directions on how to do that.

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Write a Google Review

Writing a Google review is extremely easy, which is why it is such a powerful review platform. Reviewers must be signed into their google account to write a review, no anonymous reviews are allowed. They type your business name into the google search bar and click on the Google review link Write a Review button in your google knowledge panel.

google review link

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