Getting Listed on OpenTable

Open Table is a site/app for making restaurant reservations. Over 20 million diners book reservations, and leave 850,000 restaurant reviews, per month on Open Table. Reviews and ratings help potential customers choose where to make their reservation. Restaurants benefit not only from the social proof of reviews but also from outsourcing reservation management tasks. No-shows are discouraged by deactivating anyone’s account that has had four no-shows in a one year period. Restaurants can choose not to participate in the reviews/ratings program but still allow reservations to be made through Open Table.

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Restaurants that are interested in having reviews posted on OpenTable need to allow customers to make reservations via OpenTable. If you are interested in working with OpenTable, contact them through this form found by one of two ways. Both For Restaurateurs on the top right of the OpenTable for diners homepage and the Get Started button on the top right of the OpenTable for restaurants homepage will take you to this form.

Write a Review on OpenTable

Reviewers must have an account with OpenTable, and have made the reservation at your restaurant through OpenTable to write a review. Reviewers can sign into OpenTable with their account information, Facebook or Google. Once they are signed in, they will click on their name in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage to see a drop-down menu. They can select My Dining History to see all the restaurants they have dined at with a reservation through OpenTable. For each completed reservation, there is a Write a Review link. They click that to leave the review.

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