Getting Listed on Porch

Porch helps homeowners find home service professionals to complete a wide range of home improvement projects. Porch launched at the end of 2013 and partnered with Lowe’s shortly after. Porch currently lists over 3 million home services professionals in its directory.

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Become a Porch Pro

You sign up to be registered as a home services professional on Porch via the Porch Pro homepage. Registration is free, but you arrange a payment schedule for leads. Once you are registered, you are responsible for maintaining your profile. You can customize the way you display your completed projects and areas of expertise.

Write a Review on Porch

If your client connected with you through Porch, they will be able to review you via their Project Page. This is the page where all of the details of their project are logged, including conversations between clients and professionals and the project status. If the client selects your name from the Conversations list, a Review button will appear. They click that button to write the review.

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