Integrations: Google Sheets

Easily send feedback requests to your customers using the Google Sheets integration.

How to connect/authorize

After a successful connection, you can open the spreadsheet file to start adding the contacts that will receive a feedback request from your business.

Tip: Bookmark the spreadsheet URL in your browser and/or star the file in your Google Drive for quick access the next time.

How to use the spreadsheet

Tip: Use the Google Sheets app on your phone for sending feedback requests on the go!


Frequency? Hourly
Can I sync manually? Yes, go to Settings > Integrations, click the “Sync now” button
Should I remove my previous contacts each time I want to add new ones? It’s not necessary since before sending a request we check if the contacts received a survey within the time period you specified in the throttling configuration. You would clean your list from time to time in case you want to keep it light.
What happens if I have duplicate contacts? No worries, we have checking systems in place to ensure we send feedback requests just once.
How to disconnect? Revoking access will make the integration no longer work. Go to Settings > Integrations and click the “Disconnect” button.
What happens to my spreadsheet? After disconnecting your Google account your spreadsheet file will not be deleted from your Google Drive.
Can I still use the CSV upload? Absolutely! You can continue using the feedback request methods available in our web app.