Importing a CSV

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Importing a CSV

Step 1

Hit the “Request Feedback” button (visible from all 3 tabs) then hit “Import CSV”.

Step 2

In the Import CSV window, hit “Click to select a CSV file…” then navigate to your CSV on your local machine.

In the Import CSV window, there are two checkboxes labeled “Don’t track this feedback survey” and “Ignore the first row (contains headers)”.

Don’t track this feedback survey checkbox:  Checking this option allows the survey to be Non-Tracked. Non-tracked surveys ignore the throttling period (
Survey throttling) and don’t add the contact information in your account.

Ignore the first row (contains header): If the first row of your CSV file contains column header (for example First Name, Last Name, and Email) select this option to omit the headers.

Tip: Your CSV file must have at least three columns. Only first name, last name and email are required to be able to import contacts.

Step 3

Once you have selected your CSV from your local machine and if necessary selected the desired checkbox, hit the Preview data button in the Import CSV window.  

You will then be taken to the CSV mapping window. Simply match the CSV fields to correct Sample Data (Example First Name to First Name, Last Name to Last Name and Email to Email) then hit “Import contacts”

You are all done! Your newly imported contacts will appear in your Contacts screen.




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