Locations Tab

(Settings → Locations)

If you do have multiple locations, you can easily add or remove them in with just a few steps in this area.

Step 1:

Under Settings → Locations hit the Add Locations button.

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Step 2:

In the Add a new location window, enter the following information:

Name: The name of the location you would like to add.

URL Slug: This will be appended to your landing page link so you can ask people to send feedback for this location directly.

URL Slug Tips:

  • URL slugs can’t include special characters other than dashes (-). No spaces.
  • URL slugs are all lowercase. Any uppercase characters you enter will automatically change to lowercase.

Import ID(optional): this field is used to identify a location when you import a CSV.

Hit the Add location button.

Removing a location

Hit the menu button next to the location you would like to remove. Then hit the Remove. Pictured below.

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