Using locations

5starRocket allows you manage the online reputation of a multi-location business:

  • Filter feedback by location so you can detect which locations are performing better
  • Ask feedback for a specific location
  • Send email reminders to your customers to share their feedback on specific review platforms for each of your locations

Adding a location

Go to Settings > Locations > Add location

You can customize the URL part to make it easy for you to share each link, for example:

Import names

If you manage multiple locations and want to import a CSV file with a list of customers separated by locations, you need to set a different Import name so 5starRocket can detect to which location we should redirect each contact.

This setting is dependent on how your CRM software exports the location column, so we offer flexibility to work with any CRM you use. In case a row has an empty location value, we will assign it as the general request.

Removing a location

Keep in mind that if you remove a location, all feedback associated with it will be part of your general feedback.


You can add as many locations as you want, and each one costs you $1/mo. Any location removed won’t be charged in the next month.