Adding review platform links

Whatever your online reputation strategy, 5starRocket will get you reviews on the platform that matters whether its Google star reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook or any other platform.

As we all our other online review management features, adding a review link is quick and easy.

Adding a social link

Step 1: Under Settings → Social hit the Add profile button.


Step 2: In the Add a review site link window, enter the following information:

Review site: Choose the option that is relevant to you.

Profile URL: This is the link where your customers will be redirected to when they want to share their feedback.

Location (optional): Add location-specific links for the same platform.

Hit the Add profile button.


I use a review platform that is not on the list.

Contact us so we can add it for you.

How many links should I add?

To avoid overwhelming your customers with many choices, we recommend adding between 3 and 4 review sites.

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