What happens if I remove a contact?

All the contact activity log and reviews will be removed from your account.

Using widgets

Embed widgets on your website. Currently, we offer the following widgets:

Reply to reviews

Sometimes you might be so thrilled with the review a customer sent you, or want to reach out to an unhappy customer so resolve a bad experience. We make it easy for you to reply feedback individually from your 5starRocket dashboard.Your reply will be sent to the email address of your contact.

Export contacts

You can export your contacts in the 5starRocket platform so you can use them in other marketing actions, like importing them into your email marketing software.

Deleting contacts

When you remove a contact, all tracking activity and feedback will be removed as well.

Explaining the contact log

When you add a contact, or when someone leaves their feedback, we will keep track of different events, so you can see a timeline of activity for each contact. This way, you can see when you send them a request, when they responded, and how many times they gave you a review.

Adding review platform links

I use a review platform that is not in the list.Contact us so we can add it for you. How many links should I add?To avoid overwhelming your customers with many choices, we recommend adding between 3 and 4 review sites. What platforms are the best for my business?

Using locations

5starRocket allows you manage the online reputation of a multi-location business: Filter feedback by location so you can detect which locations are performing better Ask feedback for a specific location Send email reminders to your customers to share their feedback on specific review platforms for each of your locations Adding a location Go to Settings […]

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