Getting Listed on is part of the Expedia Group of online travel booking services, listing a wide variety of accommodation options worldwide. Stay on top of your online reputation with 5starRocket. Our robust online review management features allow you to stay on top of your online reputation with review management tools you can customize to your needs. […]

Filter reviews

You can filter feedback by rating, location and/or time period. We’re working on adding more filters.

Explaining the email workflow

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Sending quick surveys

You can opt to not request reminders, but you won’t see log information for that contact. Also, their contact information won’t be added to your account. This is a useful feature when you want to test changes in your email templates or just want to send a quick request. Keep in mind that if that […]

Importing a CSV

Is there a limit? Ignore the first row (contains headers). What does mean “Don’t track this feedback survey”? Only first name, last name and email are required to be able to import contacts. How to map fields? Click on the sample data dropdown.Your CSV file must have at least three columns

Using email reminders

5starRocket offers a powerful feature to help you increase the response rates of your customers.

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