Getting Listed on Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a well-known directory of home and health service providers, where providers receive an overall grade (A-F) based on reviews. It’s a matchmaker site, requiring answers to a set of targeted questions about the project/problem before displaying search results in most cases. The grade reflects completed work, rather than first impressions, by heavily […]

Getting Listed on Yellow Pages

YP is an online, searchable directory of business listings. It successfully transitioned from the large book of yesteryear to online, with 60 million visitors to the website per month, and over 90% of those visitors making contact. Frequently searched categories are home and garden, automotive, professional services, health, and lifestyle. Reviews and ratings accompany business […]

Getting Listed on Zagat

Zagat aims to help customers discover restaurants in major cities across the United States through guides written by staff and reviews written by customers. Zagat has major name recognition, as it has been extremely popular since it was started in 1979. Zagat is currently owned by The Infatuation and is in the process of a […]

Getting Listed on Google

Google reviews have maximum visibility and ease of use. Your Google rating appears directly under your business name within google maps and google search, and within the Google Knowledge Panel (GNP) of your business as the result of a branded search. In other words: everywhere! The total number of Google reviews and your average rating […]

Getting Listed on OpenTable

Open Table is a site/app for making restaurant reservations. Over 20 million diners book reservations, and leave 850,000 restaurant reviews, per month on Open Table. Reviews and ratings help potential customers choose where to make their reservation. Restaurants benefit not only from the social proof of reviews but also from outsourcing reservation management tasks. No-shows […]

Claim Your Page: Ecommerce App Stores

If your product can support e-commerce stores, you will want to be listed in the app stores of the big e-commerce platforms. Your listing in the app store displays reviews and your average star rating, making it easy for potential customers to learn about your product from other retailers that have used the product. These […]

Getting Listed on Zomato

Zomato (formerly UrbanSpoon) is a collection of restaurant reviews. It hosts 10 million reviews for over 1 million restaurants in over 20 countries (and counting). Individuals can follow top reviewers in their local area. Zomato makes two business products, one for table management and one for online ordering. It also offers some advertising opportunities on […]

Create a Facebook Page

Facebook recommendations make social proof personal. When someone goes to your business page, they will see the number of people that recommend your business, AND most importantly, who of their friends have liked that page. People immediately connect your business with people they know. Over 80% of Facebook users in the United States consider service/product […]

Getting Listed on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel website. It hosts reviews on hotels, tourist experiences and attractions, restaurants, and airlines. It streamlines travel planning, by taking consumers directly from research to price comparison, to booking. TripAdvisor bestows a Certificate of Excellence award to approximately 10% of listings annually, based on consistent positive reviews. It presents Traveler’s […]

Getting Listed on Agoda

Agoda is a booking service for travel accommodations, typically used to find low prices on hotel stays, and popular throughout Asia. House/apartment rentals are also available on the site. The website displays reviews left directly on Agoda, as well as reviews left on and (they are all three owned and operated by Booking […]

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